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Sandblasted & Custom-Made

Department of Interior
National Park Service Arrowhead

Routed Red Cedar or Routed Plywood - painted to Federal Specifications Reflective Aluminum, Reflective Plywood

Reflective Decals and Magnets are also available.
Please call for current prices and quantity discounts.


Standard Sizes
8" x 10"
9 1/" x 12"
12 1/4" x 15 1/2"
14 1/4" x 18"
21 1/2" x 27"
31 3/4" x 40"

P&M Signs, Inc. has the capability of manufacturing 4-color process screen printing on 3M Reflective sheeting. The signs are 100% reflective, can be easily seen day or night, and last ten years or better out in the field.

Call today for a custom quote on your 4-color process work

Former First Lady Laura Bush’s personal project is to recognize and preserve historic communities across America. P&M Signs, Inc was one of two manufacturers to be awarded the signage contracts.

Preserve America Community Sign
24” X 30” - $150.00 each




Signs are approved by the Southwest Region National Parks.
Green ink is screened onto baked enamel aluminum sign blanks.


Other designs are available. Please call for your free quote.


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